Past Productions



The third play in Rob John’s Norfolk trilogy is set in the fictional Norfolk coastal village of Boxham in the months leading up to the catastrophic floods of January 1953 this sad but funny play explored the complex and turbulent relationships of the Spence family as they struggle to make sense of past events in the face of conflicting memories.

Cast: Dawn Finnerty, Robin McLoughlin & Tabitha Woodgett

Chorus : Les Ash, Jude Booker, Josh Duckmanton,
Graham Hampton, Lyn Irons, Mark Irons,
Angie Maddigan, Lydia Smart & Joan Spall

Directed by Mandy McKenna



Set in wartime Norfolk Parachute explores the relationship between an American airman and the members of a family who farm alongside one of the many US airbases. Brash and charming with a limitless supply of oranges and chewing gum 2nd Lt Jimmy Finch a navigator on a B24 heavy bomber is welcomed into the Cubitt’s home but will his arrival damage the fragile relationships of the family at Box Farm?

Cast: Owen Evans, Dawn Finnerty, Robin McLoughlin & Tabitha Woodgett

Directed by Rob John



Set in Norwich in 1912, Rob John’s play is based on the true story of a group of workers at the world famous Colman’s mustard factory. Concerned by rising unemployment in Norwich, the company offered some of its employees the opportunity of a new life on the other side of the Atlantic. ‘The Canada Boys’ is the story of Jack and Eddie Craske two brothers who’d never travelled west of Wymondham but whose lives are about to change forever.

Cast: Owen Evans, Dawn Finnerty, Robin McLoughlin & Tabitha Woodgett

Directed by Rob John



A new play by emerging young Norfolk writer Beatrice Armstrong directed by Mandy McKenna is a haunting, poetic and blisteringly funny piece about life, death, sibling rivalry and cake. The Johnston sisters, celebrated psychic mediums, are charlatans who fake apparitions and cheat clients but their lives are littered with the ‘real ghosts’ of their pasts.

Cast: Alice Brown, Robin McLoughlin & Tabitha Woodgett

Directed by Mandy McKenna



Former darts genius Norman ‘Rhino’ Hamilton has fallen from grace. Once ranked 4th in the world and enjoying a life of C-List fame and fortune, Norman sees it all fall through fingers when his best mate, wife and throwing action all desert him on the same night. ‘One Eighty’ is a sad comedy about love and redemption

Cast: Owen Evans, Robin McLoughlin, Sarah Langrish-Smith & Hayley Thompson

Directed by Mandy McKenna