One Eighty 2011

...the author’s well- crafted script rippling with sharp dialogue and strong characterisation blends humour with a soul-baring delve into the frailties lurking under the Rhino’s skin.......Evans peels back his seemingly simple character’s complex layers with a powerful and poignant performance.
Richard Batson. EDP April 2011.

Battery 2012

......the phrasing is neatly wrought - Armstrong has a particular talent for the visceral and violent......Brown and Woodgett are engaging and enthralling throughout.. physically and emotionally consumed through the 90 minute straight show.....McLoughlin is handed a less kaleidoscopic character but is all the better for it, turning in a sharp and focused performance.....Su Dean’s lighting design complements Mandy McKenna’s direction on a minimally dressed stage, with props flexibly used to deepen the storytelling'
EDP24 June 2012

The Canada Boys 2013/2014

This new play brings to life a fascinating and little known story of our very own "Canada Boys" ; a Norfolk story full of comic and moving moments brought to life by skillful professional performances of fEast regulars Owen Evans of The Nimmo Twins, Robin McLoughlin, Tabitha Woodgett together with newcomer Dawn Finnerty. Rob John’s play has taken a little known piece of local history and universalised it with humour and poignancy in a fine piece of writing which not only speaks to Norfolk but has something to say to us all
Jayne Morgan N.N. News May 2013

Parachute 2015

There was a full house at Wells Granary Theatre and the audience was enthralled by the fine production. The cast were outstanding. Norfolk accents good. Owen Evans sensitively conveyed a familiar mixture of taciturn awkwardness and friendly trust as the father. Dawn Finnerty, playing his wife and Tabitha Woodgett, his daughter were also terrific as was Robin McLoughlin, the Yank. fEast theatre is partly helped by Creative Arts East as well as Norfolk County Council and both bodies must be praised for helping this great local company to bring original, relevant and vibrant theatre to our region.
Carla Phillips. Eastern Daily Press - 4th April 2015

Winter '53 2016

A superbly crafted tragic-comedy Winter ’53 is a dark tale about how we construct our history and conveys a sense of place long since washed away by the raging torrent of time. Directed by Mandy McKenna it is demanding for both audience and players. The actors have a lot to do to keep us engaged but they manage it with masterly confidence. fEast Theatre is a local gem.
Patrick Prekopp. N.N. News May 2016