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Little Red Riding Hood

That wolf’s got a bad temper, hasn’t he? When he’s not blowing little pigs’ houses down or eating seven little kids, he’s frightening girls in woods, hiding their grannies and trying to turn them into snacks. Or is he? This Christmas, the people who brought you Twas the Night Before Christmas and Hansel & Gretel are back with more silly stories, mad songs and ridiculous rhymes. Plus a wolf on trial for his life, and a little girl who may not be all she seems... Fun for all Ages 4+ All children must be accompanied by an adult.

A lonely woman falls in love with her postman, a dog walker and a primary school teacher swap dark secrets from their past, and an ageing trapeze artist dreams of the beautiful woman who dropped him. fEAST Theatre is proud to present The Hollyhock Trilogy: three poignant and bizarre love stories by Rob John (The Canada Boys, Rosa Mendoza). Starring Owen Evans and Dawn Finnerty, these darkly funny tales of loneliness and lust are guaranteed to warm any winter’s evening.